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Minneapolis Wholesale Scrap Metals Purchasing scrap metal from a wide range of sources is just the first step in the complex process of handling metal scrap for us in Minneapolis. Turning that raw scrap metal into metal products ready to sell to the mills, refiners and foundries that are our wholesale scrap metal buyers makes up the foundation of our operations. In today’s market, quality is the key to success for our Minnesota metal recycling company. In providing the scrap metals materials to our wholesale buyers for processing and conversion into the metals that become tomorrow’s products, our success always depends on the quality of our operations and of our end products.

As a medium-sized wholesale scrap metal supplier located in a major Midwest business market, we focus on preparation of scrap metals of all types to meet the exacting requirements of our buyers, both domestic and international. Our long-term scrap-buying customers recognize that emphasis on quality and continue to buy from us year after year. New buyers can be assured that our long experience, up-to-date technology and dedication to producing high-quality products will result in complete satisfaction at highly competitive prices.

Quality Control Throughout Our Scrap Processing System

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Domestic and International Wholesale Scrap Metal Sales

From our founding over 100 years ago, Leder Brothers Metal Company has grown from a local scrap metal supplier into an international source of high quality scrap metal. For the mills and refiners throughout the world who are our regular customers, the consistent high quality of our products is recognized by our demanding buyers in all markets. We encourage you to contact us with your requirements for high quality scrap metal of all types. Our pricing is always competitive, but our service and quality are superior. We look forward to meeting your needs.

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