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Scrap Copper Minneapolis St Paul Copper and its alloys, including brass and bronze, are among the oldest metals used by mankind. Dating back to ancient times, these metals gained wide use due to the ease with which their components were produced from ores. Copper also occurs in its native form in many places on our planet. Today, these metals continue to have many uses and have excellent value for recycling. At our Minneapolis metal recycling company, we actively purchase scrap copper, brass, and bronze scrap from sellers, both individual and industrial. We buy all forms of these metals and pay top prices for them based on current market conditions. Depending on the type of metal and its condition, these metals are in high demand.

Twin Cities Copper Scrap Metal Buyer & Recycler

Scrap Copper Wire Recycling MN Copper is one of the most widely used metals and has many applications. As an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and as a material for plumbing, it can be found in almost every building and in many other places. It’s easily recognizable by its reddish orange color and is highly sought after as a scrap metal. As the leader in Minneapolis St. Paul scrap metal recycling, we are an active buyer of all copper scrap, which may occur in many forms, including:

We Buy Brass Scrap in All Forms for the Best Price

Scrap Brass Recycling Twin Cities Brass is a copper alloy, with copper and zinc as its major components. Often, other metals are included in the alloy mix to create specific properties. Brass generally has a yellowish color which makes it relatively easy to identify. It may also be plated with chromium as in plumbing fixtures. There are many different alloys that make up the range of scrap brass with each having a different value. At our scrap yard, part of our recycling process is analyzing and sorting brass scrap according to alloy type. Brass is commonly found in the following items:

We Pay Bronze Scrap at Top Price at Our Minnesota Metal Recycling Center

Scrap Bronze Recycling Center Bronze is similar to brass, since it is also an alloy of copper. Primarily used for castings, bronze typically combines copper, zinc and tin. However, many specialized bronze alloys are created for specific uses and bronze scrap requires careful sorting before resale by our metal recycling company. Older bronze items may actually be brass, but analysis with our handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) equipment will show the actual composition. Bronze items are less commonly brought to us, but make up part of our recycling operations. Those items include:

Minnesota Buyer of Copper, Brass & Bronze Scrap in All Forms

Copper, Brass and Bronze scrap may contain a wide range of different alloys. Each alloy has its own market price. As the leading buyer of recyclable scrap metal, we have the expertise and analysis technology to accurately identify the exact composition of your materials. That means that we can pay you the best price, unlike some buyers who pay a general, lower price for these materials. Our prices are based on the latest market value and we ensure sellers to get the most value.

All copper and its alloys are in demand in the metal recycling industry and our scrap metal company in Minneapolis actively buys these metals for processing at our facility. We will assist sellers in identifying the materials brought to us and pay highly competitive prices for copper, brass and bronze scrap metal. As part of our commitment to complete customer service, we’ll also be glad to help our customers learn ways that they can pre-process and sort copper scrap to make it even more profitable for them. Contact us with any questions you may have about your scrap metals.

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