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Scrap Materials Not Accepted by Leder Brothers Metal Company

Car Scrap Twin Cities Although our Minneapolis St. Paul metro area metal recycling company accepts a wide range of scrap metal items and pays top prices for it, there are materials that we cannot accept for recycling. A number of materials and items require special licensing for processing, which we do not hold. In other cases, materials may be hazardous or contain materials we cannot process. Our licenses in the city of Minneapolis limit us in our operations for very good reasons and we want our customers to know about materials we cannot accept. We’ve listed many items we cannot accept below. If you need to recycle any of these items, we welcome you to call us. We’ll be glad to suggest ways to recycle materials we are unable to accept at our facility, including:

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At Leder Brothers Metal Company, we have been buying, processing and selling scrap metal for 100 years in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. That is our business and it is our only business. While some local dealers accept a wider variety of items, our specialty is scrap metal. If you have other materials you need to recycle, or any of the materials listed above, we’ll be happy to recommend other resources for you. If you have scrap metal to sell, we’ll pay you top prices for that scrap metal and welcome your business. Please contact us if you have any questions about scrap metal recycling.

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