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Serving the Scrap Metal Needs of the Entire Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area

Twin Cities Scrap Metal Yard The seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area, along with adjacent communities, is located with Minneapolis as its center. With its thriving business community, including industrial and manufacturing industries of all kinds, scrap metal recycling is an important service in the area. Our large population, diverse business types and a growing economy demands top-quality service in all sectors including the scrap metal recycling and processing industry. Since 1913, when Abe Leder began buying and selling scrap metal for resale, our metal recycling company has build a region-wide reputation for honest dealing, fair pricing, efficient operations and excellent service for each and every customer. Today, we serve the entire Minneapolis St. Paul metro area with scrap metal buying and recycling services and the entire world with wholesale sales of recovered metals. Wherever you are located in the Twin Cities and even beyond, our Minneapolis scrap metal facility is nearby:

Serving the Entire Region with Complete Scrap Metal Buying Services

Wherever you are located, if you’re within driving distance of Minneapolis, bring your scrap metal loads to the Leder Brothers Metal Company metal recycling facility. We’ll provide top-quality customer service, offer competitive prices for all metal scrap, and pay you on the spot for all scrap metal you bring us. Our friendly, efficient staff, state-of-the-art metal analysis capabilities and impeccable reputation assure you of receiving maximum value. We’ll get you in and out quickly, with money in your pocket.

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