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Professional Scrap Metal Consulting Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

MN Scrap Metal Recycling The scrap metal industry is poorly understood by most people, but has a large impact on manufacturing and metal markets. As a leader in scrap metal technology in the Minneapolis St. Paul metropolitan area, our metal recycling service company is often called upon to provide information and expert advice by both industrial firms and government agencies. Mark Leder and Isaac Einisman are available for consultations related to scrap metal, metal quality, and other issues having to do with the scrap metal and metal fabrication industries. Their long experience, available technological resources, and deep understanding of the industry has proven valuable in a number of situations.

Industrial Metal Consulting Services – Twin Cities Metro Area

Expert Witness Services for Scrap Metal-Related Issues

Our metal identification technology, expertise and experience with metals of all types allow us to act as expert witnesses in civil and criminal cases of many kinds. We are able to identify and compare the composition of metals and provide information on all issues pertaining to the scrap metal industry, including the growing problem of scrap metal theft.

Legislative & Law Enforcement Consulting Services

The scrap metal industry is complex and the high value of many metals can lead to issues of theft and misappropriation. In addition, environmental concerns with the handling and processing of metal scrap are of interest to legislators and government agencies. Experts from our metal recycling service company are available to consult on these issues and can provide valuable information and insights.

Media Inquiries Regarding Scrap Metals and Metal Recycling

Print, radio, and television journalists are welcome to contact Leder Brothers Metal Company regarding issues relating to scrap metal. We can provide accurate information in clear, understandable language to assist you in the preparation of your stories.

Scrap Metal Expertise & Experience – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As the leading scrap metal processing and recycling company, our experience and technological expertise is a valuable resource in the Twin Cities. The scrap metal industry is an important part of our economy, but is poorly understood outside of the industry. We are happy to offer our services to consult on this industry and welcome inquiries regarding these consulting and other services. Please contact us regarding any issues relating to the scrap metal industry or metals in general.

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