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Scrap Aluminum Recycling MN Lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant, aluminum is widely used in the manufacture of a huge range of products and as a structural material with many applications. As a metal that is widely recycled throughout the world, recycled aluminum uses only 5% of the energy required to process aluminum from its ores. Scrap aluminum prices fluctuate across a broad range, but recycling aluminum is always good business. As a leader scrap metal buyer in Minnesota, aluminum recycling is a large part of our operations and we sell our processed scrap to wholesale buyers both in the United States and internationally. The uses of aluminum are almost uncountable and it can be found in a very wide range of applications. At our metal scrap yard in Minneapolis, we actively buy aluminum scrap and pay the highest price for it, based on current market conditions. Among the items brought to us for recycling are:

Competitive Prices Paid for Aluminum Scrap in the Twin Cities Metro Area

The particular alloy of aluminum scrap makes a difference in the market price of that scrap. When you bring us a load of aluminum scrap, we use our experience and modern metal analysis equipment to determine the alloy type you have. Then, unlike some scrap metal dealers, we pay you a top price for your load, instead of the lower price for general aluminum scrap.

From individual scrap haulers, contractors and remodelers to industrial manufacturers, aluminum scrap is in high demand at all times for recycling. As the top-rated scrap metal buyer in Minnesota, we consistently pay high competitive prices for scrap aluminum at our Minneapolis recycling center and through our industrial recycling programs. We encourage all of our sellers to take advantage of our clean, safe receiving area to bring us their scrap to get top prices, along with our legendary customer service. If you have aluminum scrap for sale, make us your choice as the place to sell it.

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