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We Buy Scrap Metal from Individual Sellers in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Handyman Scrap Metals Recycling At our scrap metal recycling company in Minneapolis, the scrap metal we process for sale to our wholesale customers around the world comes from many sources. We create metal recycling programs for our many industrial customers and buy scrap metal from businesses both large and small throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. Equally important to our scrap metal buying business, are the many sellers who bring scrap metal to our facility on a daily basis. Individual scrap metal sellers are a crucial source of materials for our metal scrap yard and we value their business highly. Every pickup load or truckload of scrap metal that arrives in our receiving area gets prompt attention and a fair price quote for the materials.

Over the years we’ve never stopped being amazed at the variety of scrap metal that arrives at our facility from individual sellers. We always enjoy meeting those who sell us scrap metal and are happy to help them get full value for their loads. Beyond that, we are often able to help these sellers find ways to make their scrap even more valuable for future loads. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship with our sellers, who may include:

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At our scrap metal company in Minneapolis, every seller is an important customer. While each individual seller may not bring us multiple tons of material to buy, what they bring us is an important part of our business and we recognize their importance. We also enjoy meeting and working with sellers at our scrap yard. We have met many interesting individuals who sell us scrap in our decades of doing business. Individual sellers have brought us an amazing variety of metal scrap as well as great stories to go along with their loads. As with all of our customers, individual sellers always are treated with courtesy and offered fair prices for their scrap. Load up your metal scrap and make the short drive to Leder Brothers. We’d love to meet you.

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