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Metal Recycling MN Recycling metals has a long history in the United States. During World War II, a strong scrap metal recycling effort played a major role, as many people still remember. Today, scrap collection and recycling is a major industrial source for a wide variety of raw materials. The value of most metal scrap is high because recycling is far less expensive than the cost of mining ore and converting that ore to useful materials for manufacturing. In the 21st Century metal recycling is an international business, with scrap metal flowing across the world for reprocessing into the products we purchase.

Leder Brothers Metal Company was created in 1913 by Abe Leder, the grandfather of Mark Leder, one of the current co-owners, along with Isaac Einisman, another family member. Today, our company plays a major role in the metal recycling industry in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. We buy scrap metals of all kinds from a wide range of customers ranging from individual scrap haulers to industrial firms throughout Minnesota and surrounding states. At our facility, we carefully analyze all scrap, then grade it, sort it, and make it ready for sale to our wholesale buyers, both in the United States and internationally. We pay highly competitive prices for all scrap we purchase and work to establish long-term relationships with every seller.

We Buy a Wide Range of Metals – Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze & Aluminum

Iron Steel Recycling As a full-service scrap metal buyer, we purchase almost all metals in a wide range of forms and in all quantities. From smaller quantities supplied to us by individual scrap metal haulers to multi-ton quantities from larger sellers, our facility is capable of handling the needs of the full range of sellers.

Recycling Metals Keeps Minnesota Environment Clean

At our metal recycling company in Minnesota, we’re proud of our contribution to preserving our environment. Rather than being dumped in a landfill, every pound of scrap metal that is recycled contributes to saving energy, helps to clean up our communities, and benefits the environment in many other ways. Bring your metal scrap to our clean modern scrap yard and we’ll pay you a competitive price while providing an environmentally sound process for reusing these valuable resources.

A Family Tradition in the Scrap Metal Buying & Recycling – Twin Cities, MN

For over a century, our family-owned scrap metal yard has served the needs of the entire Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. Our long history of business success is based on serving our customers with accurate, fair, competitive pricing, dedication to customer service and integrity. From our friendly staff to our state-of-the art technology, our service puts customers first. We invite you to contact us for all of your scrap metal and metal recycling requirements. We will work diligently to create a long-term relationship with you. Our customers are our most important business assets.

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