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Scrap Metal Recycling for Minnesota Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Public Utility Scrap Metals Recycling As a full-service scrap metal buyer in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, Leder Brothers Metal Company provides metal recycling services for a wide range of governmental and non-profit organizations. Recovering the value of metal scrap is a high priority in today’s economy with environmental concerns being always important to these organizations. Strict accountability and close oversight makes it important to trust metal recycling programs to reliable partners for all of these organizations. With 100 years of history in providing full service to the metal recycling needs of organizations large and small, we’re proud to be a Minnesota leader in buying and processing metals of all types. We can assist all of the following organizations and more with all of their scrap metal value recovery needs:

In Minnesota, Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits the Entire Community

At our centrally located scrap metal processing facility in Minneapolis, keeping valuable metal resources from overloading local landfills is part of our mission. For any organization, commercial, governmental or non-profit, recycling scrap metal waste for money is a great way to recover the value of otherwise unusable material. All metals have value as scrap and wasting that value by simply discarding the material is wasteful and harmful to the environment. Call Leder Brothers Metal Company to discuss your organizations metal waste. We’ll be happy to show you how to turn it into funds you can use within your organization.

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