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Scrap Metal Recycling Services for Small Businesses – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Plumbing Scrap Metal Recycling Small businesses in the Twin Cities are at the heart of our region’s robust economy. In the course of doing business, many businesses like plumbers, electricians and car shops create and accumulate scrap metal of many types. All too often this material is treated as worthless and just put in the dumpster to be sent to the landfill. As the leading scrap metal buyer in Minnesota, we offer a profitable alternative to that wasteful practice. By accumulating and sorting scrap metal created by your small business and then bringing it to our Minneapolis metal recycling center, you can recover its scrap value. We pay top prices for copper pipe and wire, aluminum or steel siding, and more. Many small businesses are surprised at how much they receive when they bring a load to us for recycling. By setting up a simple metal collection system, sorted by metal type, you can turn that waste into money. Here are some of the business types that can benefit:

Top-Rated Scrap Metal Buyer for Twin Cities Businesses

Small businesses throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area rely on Leder Brothers to handle all of their scrap metal recycling needs. We buy all types of copper pipe and wire, aluminum and steel siding and car parts for best prices. We offer fast, courteous service that gets you in and out of our facility quickly. Don’t throw money into the dumpster and send it to the landfill. Create a simple scrap collection and storage system for your business and accumulate your scrap, sorted by metal type. Then bring it to our clean, secure facility. We invite all small business owners to participate in metal recycling with us. You’ll recover your scrap’s value and help preserve the environment.

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