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Scrap Metal Yard Minneapolis St Paul As industry in the United States and around the world has grown, technology has developed to use a wide variety of metals and alloys in the manufacture of a wide range of products. Today recycling and reusing metals is an important part of most industries. The costs of mining and processing ores along with increasing concern about environmental issues has made metal recycling more and more economically important. It is always less expensive and energy-efficient to use recycled materials than to manufacture items from virgin metals derived from mining. That has been true for a very long time and was the basis for Abe Leder’s original decision to enter the scrap metal business in 1913. 100 years later, our scrap metal dealer has become a leader in metal recycling in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

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The metal recycling business has changed enormously in the past hundred years. When Abe Leder first started collecting scrap metal for resale back in 1913, it was a fairly simple business. Today, though, metal recycling has become a high-tech, exacting business, handling hundreds of different metal alloy types and meeting the demands of 21st Century industrial companies. At Leder Brothers, we welcome the challenges of this business and enjoy the process, from meeting the many retail customers who supply us with our raw materials to processing those materials for sale to our worldwide list of wholesale customers and industries. The scrap metal industry may not be a glamorous one but it’s a fascinating and essential part of our international industrial economy.

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