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Tungsten Carbide Minneapolis St Paul The metals most often recycled are iron, steel, aluminum, copper and alloys of those metals. At our Twin Cities scrap metal collection and recycling company, much of our business is related to those metals, but we also are active buyers of a wide range of other metals in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Specialty alloys are used in a wide range of industries and products and often have high value as scrap for recycling. We buy specialty alloys from individual sellers, small businesses and industrial customers at our metal recycling facility. For many sellers, identifying alloys is not practical, but we can immediately identify any unusual metals and specialty alloys by using our handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis equipment to determine the metals contained in any scrap metal brought to us. We pay top prices for specialty alloy scrap based on its type and market conditions. Some of the alloys we frequently purchase at our convenient Minneapolis location include:

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For titanium, tungsten, nickel and specialty alloy scrap of all types, accurate determination of the metals contained in the alloy is crucial in determining the value of the scrap. Many scrap metal dealers have no way to determine this precisely and will offer you a general low price for scrap they cannot identify properly. At our modern scrap yard, we use our X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer to determine exactly what alloy you have and pay you a fair price based on current market value. Get the most for your specialty alloy scrap from us.

On a regular basis, customers come to our Minneapolis metal recycling company with materials they can’t identify. Specialty alloys can turn up almost anywhere in metal scrap piles and other locations. Often, those customers are surprised to learn how valuable specialty alloy scrap can be. Bring any metal scrap you can’t identify to us as part of a load of scrap or on its own and we will immediately analyze it for you and pay you top prices for your materials. We always look forward to receiving specialty alloy scrap and are often surprised at the variety of scrap metals brought to us.

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