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Although our scrap metal recycling company does not buy gold, platinum and silver jewelry or coins from the public, we are an active buyer of precious metal scrap from industrial users in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area and beyond. This specialized sector of the recycling business can be complex, but recovering value from precious metal scrap is important to manufacturing industries that use gold, silver, platinum and other metals in their processes. We encourage industrial sellers to contact us regarding their precious metals recycling needs. We also purchase automotive catalytic converters for recycling. Recovering the platinum, palladium and rhodium used in these units is an important part of precious metals recycling and provides a way for businesses to recover additional funds from catalytic converters. Some of the precious metals used in industry that we purchase include:

Highest Prices for Precious Metals

For all industrial gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium and other metal scrap, the value of that scrap material depends on the exact composition of the particular alloy. When our scrap metal buyer accepts industrial precious metals, we use our X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) metal analysis tools to precisely identify the metals in your material. That lets us pay best market prices, which can vary widely. Not all scrap metal dealers have this capability and may offer you a lower price, since they may not know exactly what they are buying.

If your industry uses precious metals in its processes or products, scrap and waste materials can be recycled to recover much of their value. At our Minnesota scrap metal recycling company, we will be happy to discuss your precious metal recycling needs with you. We can assist you in recycling those metals and will be happy to create a recycling plan for you. Contact us at any time to discuss all metal recycling needs.

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