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Minnesota Scrap Metal Buyers – Minneapolis St. Paul

For over 100 years, our scrap metal recycling company has met the needs of retail, industrial, and wholesale clients in the Twin Cities area. A family-owned company for three generations, our long history of success is based on high-quality service for every customer through state-of-the-art technology and equipment, modern, clean and secure facilities. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service for every client, large or small. As a buyer of the full range of scrap metal from all sources, we pay top prices, based on accurate, on-the-spot analysis of materials and the current market value. As a seller, we supply the international wholesale metal market with top-quality, accurately sorted and identified scrap metals, ready for economical recycling and re-use.

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  • We Buy Scrap Metal from Sellers throughout Minnesota & Neighboring States

    Minneapolis Scrap Metal Yard A crucial part of our scrap metal business is our relationship with the sellers who bring a wide range of materials to us. From individuals and small business owners to manufacturers and industrial companies of all types, our scrap metal yard in Minneapolis pays highly competitive prices for all types of metal scrap. Whether sellers bring materials to our convenient Minneapolis facility or accumulate materials at their location for pickup, all metals are carefully analyzed and identified, assuring sellers of fair pricing. Our sellers are our most valuable assets.

  • Visit Our Clean Secure Scrap Metal Yard

    Metal Recycling Efficiency, accuracy and complete service to sellers are the hallmarks of our metal recycling business. Located just 2 blocks South of Lake Street in Minneapolis and just one block East of Hiawatha Avenue, we are centrally located and easily accessible. Our receiving area is always clean and ready for sellers delivering scrap metals. Electronic scales provide accurate weight measurements. Our state-of-the-art handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis equipment provides accurate determinations of metal content on the spot. Our facility is secure and safe for every customer and is designed for maximum efficiency.

  • We Buy & Recycle a Wide Range of Metals in Minneapolis St. Paul

    Copper Scrap Metal Recycling From aluminum, cast iron and steel alloys to copper, brass, bronze and exotic and special alloys of many types, our company is a full-service scrap metal buyer. We purchase both small and large quantities of all metals in various forms. Our facility is able to identify, sort, process and store all metals, using the latest materials analysis, handling and processing equipment. From our outdoor processing and storage area for bulk steel and cast iron scrap to our large indoor facility, efficiency and safety are our highest priorities. That efficiency and accuracy in identifying materials helps our customers receive maximum value for their scrap.

  • We Pay a Fair Price for Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal Price When you bring your scrap metal to any scrap metal yard, the price you get for your materials can vary. At some scrap metal dealers, you may not get the best price if the dealer cannot accurately identify your materials. In that case, you may be offered a lower bulk price for your metals instead of their actual value. At our recycling company, our skills, experience and metal analysis equipment let us accurately identify the metals you bring us. We pay top prices, because we know exactly what we are buying. Don’t get paid less than you should.

  • Our Metal Recycling Company Is at Your Service

    Aluminum Recycling Service At our scrap metal business, our multi-decade experience in this industry is a family affair, beginning in 1913 and continuing for three generations. Over those decades, Leder Brothers has always been on the cutting edge of metal recycling. Through adopting the latest technologies as they emerge, we have dedicated ourselves to integrity, fair pricing, and respect for every customer and employee at our Twin Cities scrap metal yard. We know that our continuing success depends on the quality of our relationships with our customers and on our team of long-term employees.

Minnesota’s Leading Scrap Metal Recycler

Minneapolis Metal Recycler At Leder Brothers Metal Company in Minneapolis, we are always ready to handle your scrap metal needs professionally and with the experience, technology and dedication that assures you of receiving the maximum value for your metal scrap. Whether you’re an individual scrap hauler, a small business that generates any quantity of metal scrap or an industrial firm looking to recover value from manufacturing scrap, excess inventory or surplus metal stock, you can count on us as your trusted metal recycling company. Contact us today to discuss your needs or visit our Minneapolis facility. We look forward to meeting you and showing you why we’re the leading scrap metal company in the Twin Cities.